Miller Moments In Time was developed by understanding there is a need for kids with special needs to have something of their own. These beautiful children need more activities they can participate in without judgement and be free to be themselves. We recognized the need and implemented a plan to solve it. Our non-profit is driven by the desire to conduct fun activities for these children with qualified caregivers and volunteers. This is unique, because the parents or guardians of these children can take a break and allow others to care for their child with no financial obligation.


As parents/guardians of children with special needs ourselves, it is important to have that opportunity to recharge and take break from the demands that come with loving a child with unique requirements. Knowing that your child is being loved and cared for by qualified caregivers gives an opportunity to refresh and take a little time for themselves while their children enjoy fun and unique events in a safe environment. Please contact us for more information or for volunteer opportunities. 

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Hi! My name is Ashley Miller. I have 8 year old boy/girl twins. Our son was born with a genetic disorder Duplication Q15. I am currently a preschool director with an Education Degree. Both of our children are thriving, but I know the stress that can come with helping your child succeed in life. It is hard to find consecutive activities to get your child involved in if they are not typical and so Miller Moments In Time was created. We cherish these “Moments In Time” that allow our children to be themselves and as parents recharge knowing they are being cared for with love and understanding. 



Hi I’m Stephanie Langol and my youngest son, Sam was a healthy active 3 year old until September 29, 2018 when what seemed like a minor virus transformed from a fever to nearly complete paralysis within hours.  By September 30, 2018, Sam could not longer hold his head up or move a single thing except his right ankle and toes.  Over the past three years we’ve watched Sam fight to regain small functions in various parts of his body but his journey to full recovery is long and slow.  We know what it’s like to need therapeutic equipment that insurances won’t pay for; we’ve spent weeks and months at a time in the hospital and understand the need to just take a minute for yourself to breathe (and shower!); we know how hard it is to find activities that he can participate in with or without assistance…we get it!  Between Ashley and I we understand both physical, cognitive and behavioral needs in our little ones and we’re here to help you navigate this journey because we have been abundantly blessed by God through others and we want to pass those blessings on to you and your kiddo.